to poke in the eye traduction

More_vert, l'exemple parfait, c'est le fonds budgétaire sur la mondialisation, avec quelques sucettes financières.
More_vert, on nous demande, effectivement, d'acheter du buf chat en poche.
De, hansard archive, i think it will be disclosed, when we have the replies, that our old friend the means test pokes his head up again.
She poked at her food with a fork. .De, hansard archive, a very odd thing about politicians is that we love poking into other people's business.More_vert, voter en faveur de la directive s'assimilerait à acheter un chat dans un sac. Elle a frappé à ma porte et a passé la tête.(jab) (with finger) pousser du doigt, (with elbow) donner un coup de coude à to poke sb in the ribs (with elbow) enfoncer son coude dans les côtes.Vi (appear) pointer, his tiny head poked from the covers.EnglishThe Council wants us to buy giochi free slot machines a pig in a poke.Head palazzo del casino al lido di venezia to poke one's head out of the window passer la tête par la fenêtre.De, hansard archive, specula- tors are already poking their noses here and there, trying to smell out what profits are in it for them.The other children poked fun at him, calling him a swot.EnglishHe cannot expect the citizens of Europe to buy a pig in a poke.