tau pok meaning

2 1978 Leong Choon Cheong Youth in the Army 313 talk cock.
Tim chuk /tim chuuk, tm tk /.
2006 Tan Hsueh Yun The Sunday Times (from Straits Times Interactive 25 June.Meh Cantonese /Chinese Usually tagged at the end of a negative question to indicate someone is exploiting a possible loophole roberto tombolato neuropsichiatria as in "Mata said cannot park here but I'm parking over there.Their eldest son, Koon Meng, helped them from the time he was 12, and the trio went on to improve the recipe through years of trial and error.2004 Clarissa Oon "ng Margaret Chan) The Straits Times, 15 September, L3 She is now an expert on Taoist rituals such as the tang kee (spirit mediums) and lion dances.2006 Thng Lay Teen The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 17 December, L30 Whenever Dong Zhi, or the Winter Solstice festival, comes around, Im reminded of the fun I had as a child helping my sister knead glutinous rice flour dough to make tang yuan, or glutinous.Servicemen's original civilian identity cards before their enlistment are exchanged with these SAF identity cards.Used to describe someone who is easily intimidated.Jiak Chao Hokkien/Teochew Literally means to eat grass.The general European population and Chinese Towkays were well represented, and thousands of Malays, of course, thronged the mosque and its environments.English in Singapore: Research on Grammar, Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education (Asia.Cháoshàn ( Cháo ( zhu ( Shàn ( tóu Swatow, a coastal city in eastern Guangdong Province ( shàn a bamboo fish trip; a weir ( Lin a wicker basket for catching fish ( Giles ) tóu head; top) region of Guangdong Province and.Tau huay chui /chui, t /.2002 Karl Ho The Straits Times (Life!), 23 March, L10 They serve hot beverages brewed from Myanmar or Indian tea leaves and a choice of sugar or condensed or evaporated milk quite similar to our teh or teh.Vocabulary is also taken from Indian words such as dai meaning 'hey goondu meaning 'fat etc.Cantonese and Mandarin Used within questions and rhetoric where opinions and affirmations are being sought.Mr Liew Kai Khiun, who has written about local trade unionists and naval dockyard workers, sees his role as that of a tang kee (Hokkien for spirit medium bringing back forgotten voices of the past in order for the present to remember.Slang term for a loan shark, or sometimes used to mistranslate Lee Hsien Loong."The language the government tried to suppress".Kiam Hokkien/Teochew Transliteration of the Chinese term " (kiâm) which literally means "salty".Slang A session of extended punishment.Banana English A Westernised Chinese Singaporean who lives distinctively like a Westerner (lifestyle, religion, dresscode, food, activities, English proficiency etc.) and usually cast aside or reject Chinese folk religions and traditions.
Kah Kenna Chiu, Chiu Kenna Kah Singlish Literally "hands like feet, feet like hands." Used to describe a clumsy person.