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The one that takes farm is a carry online casino cash manager suntrust champion such estrazione del lotto del 1 febbraio as Master Yi, Twitch, or Graves, whereas the one that does not is an enchanter support or a champion that can be played like one, such as Kayle, Taric, or Lulu.
(Jungle) Red Buff or Blue Buff.
Snowballing Snowballing means getting stronger exponentially.FPS Graphic F rames P er S econd the game renders.Poacher Poacher's Dirk Poacher's Knife Poke A form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position.Snake Cassiopeia Snare A debuff which prevents a champion from moving.Pull A tactic used to draw monster aggro, benefiting the jungler.For example, Nidalee is often called a heal bot, since her Primal Surge is the ability centro scommesse sportive snai that defines Nidalee's late game, with the rest of her kit falling off.This is said when an opponent in a certain lane is missing and so could have left the lane to for example gank other players.Deny Denial To kill allied minions or pets, preventing the opponent from earning the gold and experience from killing them.This means that the damage that Heimer's grenades do replenishes some of Heimer's health.Kite Kiting Continuously backing away and attacking a pursuing enemy champion so they suffer damage while unable to attack.Though the term can be used to describe any champion that has obtained high survivability and damage through levels and items.Map objective A valuable mob or structure whose acquisition goes towards winning the match.Asking someone to hold your lane is asking them (e.g.WotA Will of the Ancients WP Well Played Wu Wuk Wukong WW Warwick X Xin XZ Xin Zhao Y Yas Yasou YS Yasuo Yellow Seals, a removed type of rune.DotA Defense of the Ancients: Allstars : a successful mod created from Warcraft.
Also, when they contribute to a lot of damage against a champion.
This is often perceived as poor sportsmanship.

A now archaic metagolem that consisted of Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force, and Mercury's Treads.