poke around signification

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoke around (also poke about British English) phrasal verb informal1 look FORto look for something, especially by moving a lot of things around in James began poking about in the roulette texte cupboard, looking for the sugar.2 find OUTto try to find.
As Lookouts we must poke around and find some good use bingo pointe aux trembles for our money.
I just poked around all afternoon and didn't accomplish much.
Look through things; also, make an investigation.Phrasal verb poked around; poking around; pokes around informal : to look around or search through something He poked around in his closet for something to wear to the party.I don't mind if you look in my drawer for a paper clip, but please don't poke about.I think it's so much fun to poke around the first day and see how everybody is fixed.I poked around in the kitchen, lotto del 29 maggio 2014 checking out the fridge, the freezer and the cupboards.But we don't want to make too much fuss; it won't do no good to poke around in a nest of rattlers.Stop poking around and get moving.Charles sat on the windowsill as Ward poked around the room.The boss has been poking around this morning.Please tell me that the cops won't find any incriminating evidence if they start poking around your office.And poke about to look or search around."I'd like to poke around the bottom of the lagoon a little said Terry, with unconscious grimness.For example, I was poking around the attic when I found these old photos, or, the detective was poking about, tracking where she went on that fatal day.Poke in Dan loves poking around in hobby shops, looking for new airplanes.

I poked around in the kitchen, checking out the fridge, the freezer and the cupboards.poke in By its light, he poked around in the charred remains of the nestboxes.
Fakhru went to the wastebasket and poked around with his finger.
She wants to know how far along we are on the project.