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Piano riffs, hypnotic stabs, danceable breakbeat, atmospheric trance, and a damn helicopter sample in the middle!
Totally crazy song that was building on other dance tunes of the period.
My two favorite tunes off the record gara spc lotto 1 are Frequency and Armageddon.
Loveday (RIP) for that.The song (and the album) was unique in that it crossed boundaries when it came to fans rock lovers were just as likely to like it as club-goers.Like the DubTribe track, this one still holds up after all these years.This was pretty much my first real exposure to alternative dance music before this time I was listening to Miami bass music (2 Live Crew, Magic Mike,.D.E, etc Miami freestyle (Stevie B, Trinere, Debbie Deb, etc and whatever pop the radio was giving.In closing I can only" from this girl: I remember coming up om an E when this song was playing and doing a back flip.I am so lucky to have been 22 at that time and able bodied.He loves using speed up vocal samples, so the end result sounds like rave anthems as sung by the Chipmunks!Massive breakbeat song punctuated with the sound of a bomb exploding.Breakbeat with an ambient flavor far and away the best electronic tune of the early 90s.Theres also a CD single with 13(!) mixes.Charly is a cool breakbeat item with some really weird stuff.When I first heard Lust I was completely intrigued.That sounds about right Carl Orffs classic Carmina Burana is worked to advange in this bizarre little tune that was either loved or hated.Only a poseur would include Lords of Acid!).
I saw many bands there, including Ministry and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and Lords of Acid and Reverend Horton Heat.

Go make your own list!
And its got a futuristic electro feel with assorted bleeps and perhaps a Miami-bass feel.
Before they came out with Firestarter (twisted firestarter) and even before Poison (i got the poison/i got the remedy they were releasing incredible records.