he can't read my poker face

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They supported him when he praised Vladimir Putin, and when he urged the Russians to hack into his opponents email system.
And certainly the upside for Pence is huge if Trump wins; as vice-president, he would presumably be the front-runner for the 2024 presidential nomination.This meant that, if Trump not only lost the election but became a pariah, he would have been one of the only Republicans who could claim to have opposed hima huge stack of reputational chips.He was also not a rank amateur because he knew the game, made reasonable sized bets, and didnt exhibit the behaviors of a new player.I bet, and the button called me, though he didnt look excited about.I didnt know much about him other than the fact that he wasnt a known pro or dressed like an internet wizard, come funzionano i gratta e vinci ryanair and given the tournament we were playing, I went with the assumption that he is often going to be an ABC player who.What card do I want to see on the turn?They supported him when he called illegal immigrants rapists, when he blamed Megyn Kellys menstrual cycle for her tough line of questioning during the primary debates, and when he called for the US to no longer allow Muslim immigrants.But those sitting on larger stacks should keep one thing in mind: The hand isnt over yet.He either has top pair with a flush draw or a big draw here every time.Had they already invested too much of their reputation to bail on Trump now?Chaffetz had already firmly established himself as a foe of Hillary Clinton; just last month, as chair of the House oversight committee, he requested an investigation into the deletion of Clintons email.The turn was an non-heart 4, and he checked to me instantly.There you have it, and unedited, rambling, account of my two hour trip through the Monster Stack tournament.Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun.
If I call and the third club or a ten, six, or eight falls, it kills my action, and if a four falls I would be losing to the over pair that is a big part of the original raisers range.
And he hails from Utah, a fiercely Republican but notably Trump-chilly state.

E., how much they stand to benefit if they stick with Trump.