How to bonus per chi assiste un familiare 2018 inps Unlock Heroic Public Events Grinding public events is an easy (and potentially monotonous) way to get experience to level up or earn bright engrams.
How to Reveal the Chest in the Lighthouse Collect five Compelling Books inside the Lighthouse on Mercury in a specific order: Look for a desk on the outside edge of the area where Brother Vance is standing to find the Compelling Book.
You can also purchase a sparrow from Amanda Holliday in the Tower after you beat the main campaign of the base game.
Look for a broken road past the big fountain, and go to the left of that.If you reach the light without dying, you will unlock a speed boost.Look for a red door and head toward it to find some stairs, which you'll have to go down.Slinger's Slight Complete a Gunslinger Hunter subtree."Destiny 2" Milestone Unlocks Once you hit level 20 and start on the endgame, the best way to get powerful gear is to complete your weekly milestones.The chest will respawn somewhere in the cave, and you can open it again.If you can't find them, look for what other people are shooting.Vex Scholar Gather and equip a full Kairos Function set as a Warlock.To the right of the entrance, look for a long row of desks.XFV-KHP-N97, unlocks a secret emblem called The Visionary.Spire Integration Locate capturable areas around the public event and stand in them.If you follow the corridor, you'll head underground and find the Lost Sector.Mercury Treasure Seeker Complete a Lost Sector on Mercury.Taken Blight Enter the small blights to gain a buff that allows you to damage the large blight.Shoot it to create a platform, and look for another crystal.The Lighthouse (Social Space) Purchase and install the "Curse of Osiris" DLC.Past the first column to the left of the entrance, you will find the Aged Book in a stack of books in front of a bookcase.Head across the wires to the building where Lord Saladin.You're looking for a flooded room, which you will heave to move through.The Curious Book is located on one of the desks.Keep following the wall to the right until you see the Lost Sector symbol.